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All descriptions represent a purely subjective assessment. The lists do not claim to be complete or up-to-date; the order of the list is not judgmental and is constantly being expanded. No liability can be assumed for any information. 

Advice and recommendations from service providers as well as guests of the Domicilio de Vida are gratefully noted and taken into account wherever possible. 

Thader, Murcia

The attractive and partly open shopping complex can be reached very quickly via the A30 motorway and houses the large and well-equipped supermarket “Alcampo”, numerous retail stores, restaurants, bars and a cinema center. Free parking in the underground car park or on the extensive outdoor areas. There are other shops in the immediate vicinity, including the Ikea furniture store.

Driving distance from Domicilio de Vida: 35 km

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Nueva Condomina, Murcia

A short distance from the Thader is the closed Nueva Condomina shopping complex with a large variety of shops and restaurants on several levels. Here you can shop in air-conditioned conditions until your credit card gives up. Sufficient free parking spaces available. In the immediate periphery are, among others, the Media Markt electronics store and the Leroy Merlin hardware store.

Driving distance from Domicilio de Vida: 37 km (from Thader 2 km)

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Weekly markets

Strolling and shopping at the weekly markets gives a very good insight into this important institution for the Spaniards and into the local, tourist-unadulterated life in this region. 

Weekly markets in the nearest towns take place on the following days (the driving distances from Domicilio de Vida are given in brackets):

  1. Monday: Ulea (13 km)
  2. Tuesday: Ricote (5 km)
  3. Wednesday: Cieza (14 km)
  4. Thursday: Blanca (4 km), Villanueva del Segura (11 km)
  5. Friday: Abarán (8 km)
  6. Saturday: Archena (14 km)
  7. Sunday: Ojós (8 km)

    An overview of all weekly markets in the Murcia region including addresses is listed here