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Caravaca de la Cruz - Holy Jubilee Year 2024

The Region of Murcia is a meeting point for Christianity, proof of which is that in 2003 Pope John Paul II granted Caravaca de la Cruz the celebration of a Holy Jubilee Year every seven years in perpetuity.

Caravaca is only the fifth place in the world to be honoured in this way, after Rome, Jerusalem, Santiago de Compostela and Santo Toribio de Liébana, and 2024 is one of the years in which a Jubilee is being held. 

There are numerous events taking place in Caravaca de la Cruz throughout the year, making it definitely worth a visit.

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The Bloom of Cieza – February/March

The blossom of Cieza („La Floración de Cieza“) is an extraordinary and fascinating natural spectacle that takes place every February and March on the 13,000 hectares of stone fruit trees in this municipality in Murcia. The millions of peach, flat peach, plum, apricot, nectarine and almond blossoms create a landscape of unique beauty that is unique in the world and attracts the attention of thousands of visitors every year.

A visual spectacle like no other thanks to countless flowers that display different shades of pink and white, as well as other colors such as the green of the leaves of the trees that are already in bloom. Treat yourself to an unforgettable feel-good moment for your senses. Be overwhelmed by the rush of colors and smells. And don't forget your camera or smartphone, as you'll be taking a lot of photos.

Access is free, but guided paid tours are available. A good place to start is the small viewing platform “Mirador del Soto de la Zarzuela” with an exhibition and a small café.

Driving distance from Domicilio de Vida: 33 km (Mirador del Soto de la Zarzuela)

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Easter Week, Región de Murcia

Easter or Holy Week ("Semana Santa") in Murcia is one of the best known in the whole region. Every year it receives thousands of tourists from all over the world. For years it has been recognised as being of International Tourist Interest.

Easter Week in Murcia is a mixture of the artistic and the spiritual. There are eight intense days in which the brotherhoods bring out their best treasures: pasos, nazarenos, flowers, drums and bugles. The processions also include Easter cakes, sweets and even typical foodstuffs.

The most characteristic procession is that of Good Friday morning, in which the entire work of Francisco Salzillo takes to the streets and is absolutely worth seeing. It is recommended that you arrive in good time to find parking and the best spectator seats.

Driving distance from Domicilio de Vida: approximately 40 km

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Christmas Lights

Travelling at Christmas is always special. There’s a atmosphere in the cities like no other time of the year. From the end of November, the streets of Spain start to light up with thousands of sustainable bulbs and traditional street markets. You can also admire the stunning Nativity scenes („El Belén“), the Procession of the Magi on 5 January, skating rinks and the wonderful aroma of roast chestnuts and churros for sharing in good company.

Even the smallest towns decorate their streets with colorful lights and Christmas characters. If you are looking for the really big illumination, you will find it in the larger cities, for example in Murcia, Alicante, Valencia or especially Málaga. Often in conjunction with a music show, tens of thousands of visitors from young to old enjoy the light and sound spectacle. The opening has the character of a big celebration that you shouldn't miss.

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New Year´s Eve

For many people, New Year's Eve is a reason to celebrate intensively, to reflect on the year that is coming to an end and to look forward to the new year with good resolutions. Anyone who would like to experience this in great conviviality with impressive fireworks displays will find numerous opportunities in the surrounding area.

If you want to spend the New Year contemplatively and without firecrackers, perhaps also with consideration for dogs traveling with you, you will find a cozy and absolutely quiet option in the Domicilio de Vida holiday home. The fireplace, sufficient firewood and central heating create a feel-good atmosphere that makes the turn of the year in the stylish chillout villa a unique experience.