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Abarán: The park of water wheels

The water wheels, called “Norias” in Spanish, date back to the Arabic period. They were used to direct water to higher canals and to irrigate the land on both banks of the river. This system significantly improved the management of the orchards. To this day, the water wheels in operation irrigate vegetable and citrus plantations in the fertile area along the always water-bearing Río Segura.

The still functioning “Noria Grande” of Abarán has the largest diameter of a waterwheel in Europe at 11.92 meters. It was built in 1805 and has been in operation since 1808. It has an irrigation capacity of 160 tahúllas. A “Tahúlla” is a special agricultural area unit in the Murcia region, which is most likely of Islamic origin and corresponds to an area of 1,118 square meters.

On a short walk along the “Parque de las Norias” you can discover more historic waterwheels.

Driving distance from Domicilio de Vida: 8,4 km

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Águilas: Te quiere

When a city officially greets you and says it loves you, it shows a strong sense of self-confidence. This southernmost city in the Murcia region, located on the Mediterranean and close to the Andalusian border, can proudly look back on its long history and point to its vibrant present.

If the climb to the imposing Castillo de San Juan fortress that towers above the harbor is too arduous, you can take the shortcut to the beautiful viewpoint of the Molino de Sagrera windmill. From there it is just a few minutes' walk to the Rincón Marinero restaurant, where you can have an excellent meal in an authentic fish restaurant.

This day trip can easily be combined with other destinations as part of a tour, for example Bullas, Lorca, Mazarrón or Cartagena.

Driving distance from Domicilio de Vida: 123 km (via Bullas)

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Alicante: City & Beach

“City & Beach” – this is how Alicante advertises itself as an attractive place in such a short and striking way. In just an hour's drive you can go from the calm oasis of your holiday home to the hustle and bustle of this lively city.
Enjoy the mosaic-decorated promenade “Explanada de España”, the narrow pedestrian zone “Calle de Las Setas” (Mushroom Street) with the photogenic mushroom heads, the panoramic view from the “Castillo de Santa Bárbara” on the Benacantil mountain, the picturesque old town “Barrio Santa Cruz” with its romantic alleys and squares, and last but not least the extensive, beautiful city beaches, especially the “Playa del Postiguet”.

Driving distance from Domicilio de Vida: 109 km (Puerta del Mar, via A-7)

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Archena: Roman spa under palm trees

With around 20,000 inhabitants, Archena is the largest and most populous city in the Ricote Valley, the historic region in the north of Murcia. The city is particularly known for its thermal bath “Balneario”, used since Roman times, and for its archaeological finds.

You can relax wonderfully in the thermal pools with a water temperature of 50°C or treat yourself to a massage or beauty treatment in the SPA area. The complex also has a restaurant and a beautiful palm-lined garden with a café (“Casino”).

Archena was also one of the last places where the Moriscos lived before they were expelled from Spain in the 17th century. Archena therefore has an important cultural and economic importance for the Ricote Valley.

Tip: Free parking at the football area car park (Av. del Río Segura). Right next door is the Archena museum with various exhibitions about the historic life and traditions of the local people. There is a small tourist information office in the museum. From the parking lot to the Balneario it is a 1.5 km walk.

Driving distance from Domicilio de Vida: 14,9 km

Archena: More information

Balneario de Archena: More information

Blanca: Art and perspectives

The lively small city of Blanca with around 7,000 inhabitants is the closest town to the holiday home and surprises with a wide range of shops for everyday needs, restaurants, bars, recreational areas and a diverse cultural program.

Worth seeing is the architecturally interesting "MUCAB" museum, which is a cultural institution dedicated to the renowned Spanish painter Pedro Cano, who was born in Blanca. Exhibitions by other contemporary artists also take place. Admission free. Opening hours: Wednesday-Friday 10am-1pm & 5pm-7pm; Saturday 11am-2pm & 5pm-7pm; Sunday and public holidays 11am-2pm

The "Mirador Alto de Bayna" offers a fantastic viewing point: from the platform, which rises from a cliff, you have a wonderful all-round view of Blanca, the Río Segura and the Embalse de Ojós reservoir as well as the mountains of the Valle de Ricote. It is particularly worth enjoying the magic of this unique landscape at sunset.

Driving distance from Domicilio de Vida:
MUCAB 4 km or Mirador 5.3 km

Cartagena: Living history, vibrant present

The history of this beautiful city goes back over 3,000 years. It is one of the oldest settlements on the Spanish Mediterranean coast and still holds an outstanding position for the region today.

Let yourself be captured by the special atmosphere: Enjoy the “Paseo Marítimo” promenade at the harbor, visit the huge “Teatro Romano” amphitheater, stroll through the well-kept pedestrian zone and enjoy the magnificent Art Nouveau facades of Spanish modernism. You have a wonderful panoramic view from the hill “Cerro de la Concepción”. Reward yourself with a tasty meal in one of the numerous restaurants in the Puerto Pesquero fishing port, whose menus are dominated by fresh fish dishes.

Driving distance from Domicilio de Vida: 88 km

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Cieza: Medina Siyasa

The Medina Siyâsa is a Spanish-Muslim site located at the summit of Cerro del Castillo near the town of Cieza. It is considered one of the best-preserved Moorish settlements on the Iberian Peninsula and is of great archaeological value for understanding the way of life at the time.

Siyâsa emerged in the 11th century and, in its heyday in the 12th and 13th centuries, had a very important, supra-regional position with 4,000 inhabitants and over 700 houses, intelligent water supply systems and large cisterns.

Additionally, the remains of the site can be viewed at the "Museo de Siyâsa" in central Cieza, including the reconstruction of two houses with original building elements.

Registration required for (guided) visits of Medina Siyâsa.

Driving distance from Domicilio de Vida: 15.8 km

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Jumilla: Monastrell & Ruta del Vino

For wine lovers, the Domicilio de Vida holiday home is an ideal starting point to get to know the nearby wine-growing regions. The focus is on the DOP Jumilla, which is enjoying increasing popularity. The success is based largely on the Monastrell grape variety, which produces a strong red wine. Take advantage of the short distances and discover this fantastic wine on a local tour.

Driving distance from Domicilio de Vida: 48 km

Ruta del vino: More information

Spaniens Weinwelten (only available in German): More information

Options for guided tours of the wineries (reservation required):

Juan Gil: More information

Luzon: More information

BSI: More information

Murcia: Love at second sight

The region's capital of the same name is a big unknown for many first-time visitors and, to be honest, is not a WOW-city for spontaneous falling in love. But when you take a closer look, Murcia impresses with its authenticity and many hidden beauties that make you curious about a second and further journey of discovery.

Enjoy the genuine Spanish flair on a relaxed stroll from the beautiful town hall with its green area called Glorieta, through the magnificent cathedral at the Plaza del Cardenal Belluga, through the narrow shopping street past the magnificent building of the Real Casino de Murcia to the Plaza de Santo Domingo. Inviting parks and walks along the Río Segura on the Paseo Fluvial round off a trip to Murcia perfectly.

Driving distance from Domicilio de Vida: 39 km

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Ricote: Paradise to discover

With the slogan “Paraíso por descubrir” the small town of Ricote rightly advertises its scenic attractiveness in the middle of the enchanting Ricote Valley, of which it is also named.

You can get a great impression of the “Mirador Casa Forestal de la Calera”, which you drive to on the way from the holiday home to Ricote. From up here you have a panoramic view that is second to none and has postcard character. You look at the town and the huge orchard “Huerta de Ricote”, which surrounds the community and has been cultivated since the 10th century. Today it is one of the most studied irrigation areas of Islamic origin in Spain. Be sure to take a walk through the plantations and enjoy the intoxicating scent of blooming lemon and orange trees.

On a short tour through the town, which has around 1,300 inhabitants, you can then get to know the most important places in the significant local history at 11 stations with multilingual information boards.

Driving distance from Domicilio de Vida: 5 km

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Serreta cave: The secrets of our ancestors

Are you fascinated by caves and their history, which these caves tell us through archaeological finds and wall paintings? Then enter the mysterious world of our ancestors - the Murcia region has made numerous sites accessible to interested visitors.

An example is the "Serreta" cave, located between Cieza and Calasparra on the left bank of the Segura river and on the edge of the Los Almádenes canyon.

Visits only by prior appointment at the Cieza Tourist Office on Tel. +34 968 45 35 00 or email

Driving distance from Domicilio de Vida: 3o km (via Abarán)

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Sierra Espuña: Wellness treatment in nature

If you like the nature around the Domicilio de Vida, you will especially love this 18,000 hectare mountain range west of the city of Murcia. Classified as a regional park, this protected landscape area is the largest forest area in the entire autonomous region of Murcia and offers a very wide variety of flora and fauna. It has impressive mountain peaks with a height of 1,444m to 1,583m and numerous signposted viewing points with overwhelming views.

A sight to see are the 26 ice cellars at an altitude of around 1,300m, which were round buildings sunk into the ground and were used as cooling chambers in earlier times. In the winter, the ice cellars were filled with snow so that ice could be supplied to the surrounding area from spring onwards.

After a hike in this beautiful area, you can refresh yourself with tapas and cool drinks in the “Fuente del Hilo” restaurant in the middle of the forest.

Driving distance from Domicilio de Vida: 62 km (Restaurante del Hielo)

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